Annual Convention & Trade Show

Holiday Inn Executive Center           January 12 & 13, 2018           Columbia, Missouri


Budget tight? Traditional trade show attendance out of the question? Nevertheless, you still want to be represented at the MDTA Convention and Trade Show. For the 2018 trade show, we are offering a way which will keep your business in the mix.

It is the No-Show Expo Bag!

The No-Show Expo Bag allows your company to make an impression in a non-traditional way. Along with company brochures and information, registrants love to receive give-away items regardless of size.

The cost to participate is $250 per company. Please ship your items and copies of one piece of literature to us prior to January 6, 2018 so the No-Show Expo Bags can be assembled.

On the registration form, indicate the logo item you are sending and the size of the item. You will need approximately 200 items to put in the No-Show Expo Bags.

Please contact the MDTA Office if you would like to help defray the cost of the purchase of the bags for this project.