50th Annual Convention & Trade Show

St. Charles Convention Center & Embassy Suites           January 22 & 23, 2021           St. Charles, Missouri

Driver’s Start Your Engines
On Your Mark, Get Set, Run….

Start your engines and race to the Missouri Dump Truckers Association (MDTA) 51st Annual Convention & Trade Show in St. Charles, Missouri on Friday, January 22, 2021 by member registration or special member invitation only, and Saturday, January 23, 2021 by free general admission from 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Like a runner’s training crew or a racing driver’s pit crew, a business is only as good as its weakest member. Putting together a strong workforce is paramount to the business in running a sound operation. It takes a team to make decisions. Knowing how to make a good business decision and when to seek help in making those decisions will help a business thrive. Consult someone with more expertise, seek out a mentor, take stock in employees strengths and attributes and achievable goals can be obtained.

Members of the MDTA have been running strong for over 50 years to support and protect the interests of the dump truck industry.

MDTA is distinguished in its membership of over-the-road haulers of dry bulk commodities. The membership is statewide, and with the members and their employees, you will find us in communities all over the state. Members are working businessmen and businesswomen who constitute an essential part of the transportation and construction industry.

One critical choice for a dump truck owner and/or operator is building a fleet of trucks and the care and maintenance of those trucks. The MDTA Associate Members consisting of dump truck, trailer body manufacturers/dealers, suppliers, vendors and other entities collaborate with the Regular Members to provide solutions to issues and concerns to support the bulk-hauler industry.

The MDTA convention and trade show offers the opportunity to learn about the latest industry developments, safety regulations and how others in the industry are utilizing this knowledge.

Together with its governmental consultant headquartered in Jefferson City, the MDTA represents the dump truck industry in the legislature and is looking out for your interest.

The St. Charles Convention Center and Embassy Suites extends their hospitality to the MDTA members as well as vendors from all over Missouri and surrounding states. Convention registrations include three meals and entertainment on Friday and Saturday night. Due to COVID-19, at this time masks are required in public areas. Physical distancing is requested during socialization.

During the Friday night social, food and drinks are served for the enjoyment of the registrants and their invited guests, along with music by John Shanahan.

After the Saturday morning breakfast included in the Embassy Suite reservation, a combined Board and General Membership meeting will commence with voting for the 2021 slate of officers. The members will receive an annual financial status report. Following, a representative from St. Charles will welcome the group to the historic city.

For registrants, a luncheon is offered in the Junior Ballroom adjacent to the exhibit hall. During lunch, a panel discussion is planned with representatives from three companies about electronic ticketing on the job site. Saturday night promises another delicious dinner and raffle drawings followed by an evening of entertainment by the Hunter Hathcoat Band.

Take advantage of the networking opportunities at the MDTA convention and trade show. Experience a healthy indoor environment with the AtmosAir Solutions purification technology with vendors ready with information and safe social distancing demonstrations. This is your chance to talk with experts in the trucking industry who understand a commercial dump truck is the backbone of the transportation and construction industries, compare products, and assess pricing. If you are in trucking, you need to attend.

Make the right decision for your business. Join MDTA and register now. See how MDTA is Proud to Run in 21.