51st Annual Convention & Trade Show

St. Charles Convention Center & Embassy Suites           January 21 & 22, 2022           St. Charles, Missouri


Sen Mike MoonAt 9:45 a.m. on Saturday morning, Senator Mike Moon will give an educational enlightening presentation on “How A Bill Is Passed--What Really Happens When A Bill Passes The Legislature!”

Volunteers are needed for a mock bill passing. Caution...you may experience a roadblock!

Senator Moon is currently a Republican legislator from Ash Grove representing the 29th District, running for the 7th congressional district seat. He also served in the House of Representatives being named Most Constitutional Legislator by Locke and Smith Foundation from 2017 to 2019.




“Looking at Safety in a New Light”

We will be looking at new ways to adjust your current safety program to stand out and make a professional difference to your employees, counterparts, and insurance carriers. We will touch on speed verification, pre-trip, employee injury prevention, crash prevention, driver safety training-ongoing, loss management. “Looking at safety in a new light, not as a cost but as an investment.”

Education from industry leaders to provide new and creative additions that help move the needle on multiple fronts that helps the industry and drive insurance costs down by being proactive instead of reactive in an ever-changing landscape.

Panel will consist of Austin Leuckel (AssuredPartners/Naught-Naught Agency-Outsourced Risk Manager); Kelly Anderson (Kelly Anderson Group-Professional Safety Expert); Mark Woodward (MEM-Work Comp); and AJ Gajdosik (Acuity-Liability and Physical Damage)

Austin Leuckel, Outsourced Transportation Risk Manager


Kelly Anderson, Transportation Leader


Mark Woodward, Sr. Safety and Risk Trainer


AJ Gajdosik, Sr. Loss Control Representative